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Tradition is our foundation stone

AUMA have been developing and building electric actuators and valve gearboxes for 50 years and is one of the leading manufacturers in the industry.

Energy sector, water industry, petro-chemical industry and users from the most diverse industries worldwide rely on technologically sophisticated  products by AUMA.


2,300 employees. 30 locations worldwide. Modular product design.


A company in motion - AUMA.


Armaturen- Und Maschinen-Antriebe (Valve- and Machine Actuators)
- an idea turns into a product program


Main products

  AUMA  Multi-turn actuators
  AUMA Part-turn actuators
  AUMA Linear actuators
  AUMA Lever actuators
  AUMA Controls
  AUMA Communication systems

Model Example

SD002000 SD110766 SD110267 SD110337 SD110804 SD018000 SD022000 SD110017 SD024000 SD025000 SD110739 SD110681 SD109000 SD110347 SD110601 SD111603 SD111151 SD111428 SD110320 SD110565 SD032000 SD111123 SD009000 SD027000 SD110481 SD028000 SD110811 SD110733 SD110785 SD110003 SD110362 SD111095 SD111616 SD110736 SD003000 SD111072 SD111139 SD110698 SD010000 SD083000 SD110284 SD110823 SD111040 SD110738 SD110789 SD111057 SD110306 SD110431 SD111470 SD111118 SD111042 SD111079 SD004000 SD111328 SD111025 SD110699 SD110787 SD110451 SD111799 SD110918 SD111354 SD110176 SD110305 SD111201 SD110342 SD016000 SD017000 S730011Q S730011R SK099257 SK099241 S730011T SD056000 SD058000 SD059000 SD062000 SD111214 SD111385 SD111581 SD111581 SDD00293 SDD00145 SD110057 SD110057 SD111735 SD111735 SD111449 AD0071-2/80
SA14.1/14.5  SA07.1-16.1  SG05.1-12.1  GS50.3-500  SAM07.1-F07  SGM04.3-F05
SGM05.1-F05  SG05/07  SG10  SG12  SA16.1  SA25.1  SA30.1  SA35.1
SA10.1/GS200.3GZ200.3-F30  SA10.1/GS200.3GZ200.3-F30  SA10.1/GS125.3VZ4.3-F16
SA07.5/GS100.3VZ4.3-F14  SA10.1/GS80.3-F12  SA07.1/GS50.3-F07
SAM07.1/GS50.3-F10  SG07.1/AM01.1-F07  SA07.5/GS63.3-F10  SA10.0/10.1
SAM10.1/GS250.3GZ250.3-F40  SA16.1 GS315/GZ30.1NORM/LTC  SA07.1/07.5
SAC14.1-B180/GS200.3GZ200.3-F30  SAC10.1-B125/GS200.3GZ200.3-F30
SA14.1/AM02.1/GS315GZ30(768:1)-F40  SA14.1/AM02.1/GK25.2 SA07.1/07.5

Product Picture
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