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Bieri Hydraulik AG with its staff of Swiss professionals has more than 60 years experience in the development, manufacture and sales of quality hydraulics extending from standard high pressure components to special solutions - covering all pressure ranges up to 1000 bar.

Bieri provides a complete range of high pressure hydraulic components:

  • Axial and radial piston pumps (single or multiple outlets)
  • Seated valves (manually or solenoid operated)
  • Pressure valves (pressure relief valves, unloading valves,  pressure reducing valves, load holding and lowering valves)
  • Flow control valves (orifice plates, throttle valves)
  • Non-return valves (shut-off valves, pilot operated check valves)
  • Manual gate valves
  • Pressure switches
  • Oil level switches

Our standard components and special solutions are used in mechanical engineering, oil, shipbuilding, medical technology, power stations and high-voltage circuit breakers, mining, defense, public transport, paper, food, construction, and in many other areas of industry. All products are available through a worldwide network of business partner.  

Bieri also delivers complete solutions and systems for any kind of hydraulic use and pressure range.

Our company represents quality, innovation and reliability. All up to 1000 bar.

Main products

  • Bieri Construction industry, maintenance and civil engineering technology
  • Bieri  Energy and High-voltage installations
  • Bieri  Industry
  • Bieri  Machine tools industry
  • Bieri  Material handling technology
  • Bieri  Metallurgy
  • Bieri  Mining equipment
  • Bieri  Motion technology
  • Bieri  Naval and ship lifting technology
  • Bieri  Oil exploration and offshore technology
  • Bieri  Plastic and die cast machinery
  • Bieri  Press tools and presses
  • Bieri  Rescue systems
  • Bieri  Research technology
  • Bieri  Stage technology
  • Bieri  Testing equipment
  • Bieri  Wind energy

Model Example

BKP11-0,47-700-14,0-250-P-C*00                BKP11-0,47-700-32,9-220-P-C*00
BKP11-0,47-700-4,0-250-P-C*00                 BKP11-0,47-700-6,0-250-P-C*00
BKP11-0,68-700-8,5-250-P-C*00  BKP11-0,79-700-14,0-250-E-C*02 BKP11-0,79-700-22,3-190-P-C*00                BKP11-1,03-700-11,0-250-P-C*00
BKP11-1,03-700-8,5-250-P-C*00            BKP11-1,10-700-4,0-250-P-C*00 BKP11-1,10-700-6,0-250-P-C*00                BKP11-1,13-1000-6,0-250-P-C*00
BKP11-1,21-700-11,0-250-P-C*00                BKP11-1,21-700-16,5-230-P-C*00
6BKP11-1,21-700-6,0-250-P-C*00                BKP11-1,21-700-61,1-180-P-C*00
BKP11-1,53-1000-11,0-250-P-C*00               BKP11-1,53-1000-8.5-250-P-C*00

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