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           If you are looking for perfection, BROSA is the right place. Only those who are passionate about developing products will never stop asking questions. And only this will make a continuous further development possible, which has the goal to put the best products on the market. With this goal in mind BROSA has been developing reliable pressure transducers and load cells as well as electronic components since 1935.

           We can meet our high quality standard by manufacturing our products entirely in-house. This high-quality work is regularly confirmed by the independent TÜV certificates ISO 9001 for quality management and ISO 14001 for environmental management.

Main products

Brosa   Force measuring pin
Brosa   Tubular load cell
Brosa   Tension load cell
Brosa   Rod end load cell
Brosa   Force sensor washer
Brosa   Compression load cell
Brosa   Support jack load cell
Brosa   Measuring block
Brosa   Shear force sensor
Brosa   Pressure transducer
Brosa   Pressure transducer abrasive
Brosa   Angle sensor MEMS
Brosa   ATEX Sensors

Model Example

EBM-、EEM-、E-、EDM-、050315E A-、LL-、ULS-、BRM-、0201S-、0201F-、0201H-、0301-、0310-、0320-、0650-、0652-、0910-、0101-、0102-、0111-、0120-、0110-、0230-、0210-、0240-、0950-、0641-、0801-、0802-。

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